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Manifest Your Dream Love Life with Matchmaking Wisdom, Inner Child Work & Intuitive Self Love Coaching


Hello Soul Beauty


My business, love & passion is helping you do the inner work to OWN your *DIAMOND* self-worth, see your true inner beauty to attract HIGH Quality, Healthy Love & your dream relationship... 

I know how painful and soul-destroying it is to KEEP finding yourself in $h!tty love situations that feel like its pouring salt on your emotional wounds !! that you know deep down DON’T reflect your worth and who you truly are, yet feel SO *stuck*, ashamed & unworthy as to why *this* keeps happening to you! 


I was in and out of emotionally and physically abusive relationships for years, struggling with self-harm, my childhood wounds and how my Narcissistic Abusive relationship with my Father made me deep down feel about myself…


In 2016, I hit rock bottom in my life and took an overdose and woke up in hospital… That was when I made a decision for myself to get myself out of at the time a very toxic situation and to commit to doing whatever it took to truly change my life and create the life I dreamed of! 


Soon after, I took a leap of faith with only $2000 savings and massive determination and faith to commit to believing in myself and my dreams !!

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Become an energetic match to High Quality Dream Love


Awaken your *Diamond* Self-Worth & Inner Soul Beauty and feel chosen and worthy in love...


Makeover your Mindset & Empower your Self-Concept ~ change your story about who you are in relation to Men & Love


Be Your Own Best Matchmaker & Embody a High-Value Dating mindset & aura to start attracting the RIGHT, high-quality matches,  be able to make high-value choices for yourself, to meet a partner that LOVES, adores and cherishes you for you who TRULY are, and can offer the high-quality, healthy committed relationship you deeply desire… 


Heal your inner-child to heal your love-life ~do the Inner-Work it takes for Forever Transformation to completely CHANGE your Faulty Unworthy Beliefs, Emotional Triggers, Insecurities & Childhood Wounds & Programming that have left you feeling deeply unworthy and tainted the way you see yourself, men and love…

Level Up...



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Weekly 1.5 hour coaching calls on Zoom

1:1 Luxury Coaching Sessions With Uma


Exclusive unlimited daily audio/message support over whatsapp

Extremely Important Person (EIP) Access:


access to *exclusive* worksheets with my unique carefully curated journaling questions and prompts

Indulge In Potent *Inner* Work & Journaling



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With Uma

a completely relaxed 45-60min session over Zoom, and a safe, LOVING, confidential space for you to feel comfortable and open to share your heart and what’s going on for you, emotionally and mentally, to receive my expertise from working in Matchmaking combined with my personal intuitive Self-Love coaching

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