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Uma ~ Self Love &  Intuitive Feminine Dating Coach


Urgent message from a trained matchmaker:


From Black Sheep Of The Family, Escaping Narcisstic Abuse To Manifesting My Dream Life


6 years ago, I left the UK on a one-way ticket to Bali with 2 suitcases, $2000 to my name and a faraway dream of creating my Dream Location Free Lifestyle and Dream Life Coaching Business. 
I had no idea how I was going to make it work and no security or backup plan, just massive determination and faith to make it work, that I was not going back, no matter what!
2 months before this, I woke up in hospital after accidentally taking an overd*se.
That was when I knew in my heart I had to commit to changing my life and cut myself off from my family and made a massive decision to take a leap of faith and follow my dreams.
I was caught up in abusive family relationships and had no clue about subconscious programming, emotional trauma and wounds!
I just assumed there was something wrong with me and I was just this forever £’ed up mess
I was used to my Dad telling me things like I was psychotic & needed to be locked up in a mental institution...
That I was nothing more than a prostitute and a wh*re to the men I dated... 
Everything bad that happened in my life was God punishing me for dishonoring my family… 
That I was born with a defect...
That no one else would love me in this world and I’d get a dog’s funeral because I was going to end up alone…
When I started my coaching biz 5 years ago, he would regularly send me messages taunting me to give up and fail…that everyone was laughing at me, I was nothing but a failure, I was going to be poor and penniless for the rest of my life and shamed me for how I was struggling with my mental health and the fact that I had ended up in hospital in 2016…
Even though I was now half way across the world and had cut myself of from my family, deep down there was a part of me that secretly DEEPLY believed these things were TRUE, 
No matter how hard I tried to run away from my past, I couldn’t run away from the pain my wounded relationship with my Father left me feeling…that there was something WRONG with me.
I dated men who would also end up telling me similar things and leave me feeling even more like I was just this unlovable *ugly* person who just wasn’t meant to have love, 
I spent years in and out of emotionally and physically abusive relationships yo-yo struggling with $uicidal feelings, self-harming and self-medicating with prescription/otc medication to try and mask my pain…
Deep down I secretly believed I was being punished by God for cutting myself off from my Dad and family for years… 
Cutting myself off from my family and starting over to create my dream life was one of the hardest journeys I ever went through… 
Years of anxiety, nightmares, being diagnosed with CPTSD, feeling disorientated and SO £*cking lonely… and like I didn't truly belong anywhere… 
CONSTANTLY questioning whether you are doing the right thing and wondering whether it was that bad and whether it’s just you….then feeling so hurt and angry and unwanted by the people you spent your whole life with.
Then feeling so ashamed for feeling such a mess and struggling inside for not being able to just ‘get over it’ and get on with my life… 
But I am so proud of who I have been able to become and everything the past 6 years blessed me with! 
The amazing women and clients that I got to work with when I started as a Self Love Coach gave me soul family and purpose and SO much love than I could ever have dreamed of!! And I am forever grateful!!
Years of being entangled with the WRONG men where I never felt like I truly belonged with anyone…to finally meeting someone that was everything I could have ever wanted….
Years of being in survival, struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, to manifesting feeling truly SAFE in my soul and being able to TRULY trust myself and my intuition.
Manifesting a healthy relationship with the man of my dreams who has given me everything I could have ever asked for and SO much more, who makes me feel so loved and safe for all of me…
To finally giving myself permission to own my true purpose and passion and what I deep down always wanted to do but was secretly too scared to - allowing my coaching business to evolve into Dating & helping women call in their dream relationship using my background in Matchmaking and everything I learnt on my own journey in love.
I am so grateful I get to wake up everyday to my dream man, kissing me and telling me how much he loves me, making me coffee and supporting me in ways I could only dream of, building a beautiful home in Bali and living our dream everyday life together.
I persisted in creating my dream life, business, home, and relationship and I got it ALL 
They say Blood Runs Thicker Than Water, but the TRUE meaning of this saying is the bonds you make by conscious choice are more important than the people you are bound to by the water of the womb... 
I know how deep-seated family dynamics, beliefs and the identity that we’ve learned from where we come from, can massively affect our worthiness, and the dreams we try to create for ourself…
and can feel heart-breaking and IMPOSSIBLE to break... 
Sometimes it can feel like you’re ‘cursed’ or doomed with bad karma NO MATTER what you do…
But no matter how your past and your current circumstances make you feel about yourself today, you deserve to know the TRUTH:
The only thing that will EVER be wrong with you is the fact that you *think* there is something wrong or not enough about you…
YOU are the operant power of your life and you’re far more powerful than you could ever imagine…
You have a divine Goddess power current running through you!! 
There is nothing ‘wrong’ or faulty about you…you just need to get out of the wrong Subconscious Operating System of forever trying to FIX yourself and figure out what’s “wrong” with you that you’ve been living your whole life in and that distorted lens you’ve LEARNT to see yourself thru…
To see you were always perfect, you were always whole, you were always enough. You were always SO worthy.
To unlearn any “FAKE” God you’ve learnt to subconsciously project onto your life that’s creating your wounded circumstances right now and keeping you FOREVER looped in your version of suffering… to finally *see* how powerful you TRULY are…
To trust your *soul*dust exactly as it is to experience YOUR magic.
To give yourself PERMISSION to be who you always knew you were and to live the life and have the love you always wanted for yourself.
You can create anything you want. You are worthy of love and happiness and freedom.
Your soul holds everything you need. YOU know what’s right for you.
The DAY you realise there was NOTHING ever wrong with you (or whatever story that you just can’t seem to run away from)…that you could always completely trust who you are… is when your life starts to TRULY change and you can energetically hold onto, sustain and nurture ALL the things that secretly right now feel too good to be true….
you QUANTUM leap,
You don’t need more knowledge…more therapy more coaching… you need to EMBODY your worthiness, your soul beauty, and TRUST how right everything about who you are is… 
to trust your goddess power current to create everything you ever truly desired that is so meant for you…
This is your sign to believe in yourself no matter what your outside says. 
Nothing else matters 



I live in Bali by the beach! I booked a one-way ticket in July 2016 on a leap of faith and moved... I have never looked back!


I make my own clothes, I've been sewing since I was 12


I manifested the opportunity to train as a Matchmaker in 2015 and work for some of the world's top matchmakers after watching Millionaire Matchmaker and becoming obsessed with the industry


I used to work in evening and bridal fashion before I got into the Law of Attraction and had my spiritual/self-love awakening, I love all things intricate, lace, diamonds and embellishments :)


I am mixed English & Zimbabwean, grew up in Bristol, and lived in London for 7 years...


I met my boyfriend online in Bali (he's American) I've been OG online dating since 2012 (and once when I was 14 and my Dad caught me!)


I am a Libra and Human Design Manifester :)


I love teaching myself to do my own gel nail extensions at home, and experimenting with making natural hair and skin masks


I'm a home girl - I live in my pink fluffy dressing gown and only change like 2 mins before a client call :)


I interned for my dream fashion company Marchesa in NY when I was 22


I was submitting love-life advice online for agony aunt columns when I was 13 !!

Fun facts about me :)

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